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Transportation and Logistics

Liquid food products transportation

We transport liquid food products with tanks. The tanks are certified by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (sunflower oil, olive oil, wine, spirit, beer, glucose, fruit and vegetable mash, etc.). load capacity – from 24 to 27 tons.

Transport trucks

Транспорт на хранителни продукти с температурен режим

Refrigerated transportation of food products

We transport food products with temperature regime from -20 to +20 degrees. Fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy products, medicines and other. Load capacity from 1 to 25 tons.

Транспорт на насипни товари (гондоли)

Loose products transportation

We transport loose products (gondolas). Transportation of loose products requires special trucks so that the goods may not scatter. We transport granules, crushed grain, oil-cake, pellet fuel, etc.) Load capacity 60 m3 or 26 tons.

Транспорт с бордови камиони (брезенти и щори)

We transport with flatbed trucks

We transport with flatbed trucks (tarpaulin and blinds). We transport food products and other goods with flatbed trucks with tarpaulin and blinds. A GPS system is installed in the trucks. Maximum load capacity up to 33 Euro-pallets and 25 metric tons.