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Transportation and Logistics

Транспорт на течни хранителни продукти с цистерни Транспорт на хранителни продукти с температурен режим Транспорт на насипни товари (гондоли) Транспорт с бордови камиони (брезенти и щори)
Транспорт на течни хранителни продукти с цистерни

Liquid food products transportation

We transport liquid food products with tanks. The tanks are certified by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (sunflower oil, olive oil, wine, spirit, beer, glucose, fruit and vegetable mash, etc.). load capacity – from 24 to 27 tons.

Транспорт на хранителни продукти с температурен режим

Refrigerated transportation of food products

We transport food products with temperature regime from -20 to +20 degrees. Fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy products, medicines and other. Load capacity from 1 to 25 tons.

Транспорт на насипни товари (гондоли)

Loose products transportation

We transport loose products (gondolas). Transportation of loose products requires special trucks so that the goods may not scatter. We transport granules, crushed grain, oil-cake, pellet fuel, etc.) Load capacity 60 m3 or 26 tons.

Транспорт с бордови камиони (брезенти и щори)

We transport with flatbed trucks

We transport with flatbed trucks (tarpaulin and blinds). We transport food products and other goods with flatbed trucks with tarpaulin and blinds. A GPS system is installed in the trucks. Maximum load capacity up to 33 Euro-pallets and 25 metric tons.

Krito Commerce EOOD – Transportation and Logistics

Krito Commerce EOOD was established in 2003 with address of registration at 25 Tsvetna Gradina Street, Sofia. The main office, address of management and parking is located at: 9 Sofia Street, Kostinbrod. The main scope of activities of the company is transportation and logistics. The company is licensed to perform domestic and international transport. We are specialized in transportation of liquid food products with tanks, refrigerated transportation, transport of loose products and transportation with flatbed semi-trailers. We transport groupage consignments from Sofia to the country and return cargo from any point in the country for Sofia. All vehicles have valid cargo insurance (CMR insurance). A GPS system for constant tracking is installed in the trucks and the drivers are provided with equipment for constant contact. Our whole range of transportation vehicles (tanks, refrigerated vans, refrigerated solo trucks, refrigerated semi-trailers, gondolas, tarpaulin) is ready to serve you. We always keep spare vehicles and if necessary they may replace the respective vehicle. The vehicles are reliable and are of the highest Euro 4 and Euro 5 class.